The Mobility 4All team is receiving support to develop Digital Identities (DID) and create a mobility roaming offering from the company bloXmove.

bloXmove is working to create a global decentralised and collaborative alliance for urban mobility. In doing so, bloXmove is developing the framework for a global decentralised mobility infrastructure to create a leaner, more efficient and multi-modal mobility world.

The cooperation between Moblity 4All and bloXmove leads to the linking of the vehicles offered with a respective digital identity. The basis is the fusion of hardware and software, with the physical assets (i.e. e-bikes, e-scooters, cars, for example) acting as “rolling blockchain clients”. During the roaming phase, the user group will be expanded to include participants and partner companies from the showcase region. A solution will be developed to enable the use of further mobility services via the Mobility 4All app without having to register separately for these services or download new apps. The Mobility 4All app will become your Mobility Roaming Pass.

Building on the findings of the field trial, bloXmove and Mobility 4All are aiming for continued cooperation.